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Beginner band and Director Claire Powell May 2023 3_edited.jpg

Beginner Concert Band
Conductor: Claire Powell

Learn your instrument or learn to read music in a comfortable and supportive environment. As you increase your knowledge and skill you can move up to the transition group to fine-tune!

Junior Concert Band
Conductor: Heather Penno

At the junior level you can continue to improve your music reading skills while playing your chosen instrument in a nonjudgmental learning environment! When you feel ready you can join the intermediate group.

Junior Band Jan 2023_edited_edited.jpg

Intermediate Concert Band
Conductor: Alena Arnason

At the intermediate level you will continue to improve your skills while learning new arrangements. Throughout the season these are often performed for family, fundraising events and other occasions.

Jazz Band
Conductor: John Hodge

The NHB Jazz Band was introduced for the 2014/15 Season. Initially, The Winnipeg New Horizon’s Jazz Band was modeled after the jazz bands of the ’30’s and 40’s under the direction of Matt Neufeld. The band expanded its scope during the 2015/16 season to include pop tunes from the 50’s and 60’s under the direction of Sharon Wall. We have performed a number of well received concerts to date. The NHB Jazz band is an exciting additional option for NHB members in the beginner, junior or intermediate sections.

Jazz Band with Director John Hodge May 2023 2_edited_edited.jpg

Sax Ensemble

The NHB Sax Ensemble was created in 2019. It welcomes saxophone players from the junior and intermediate bands, as well as NHB alumni. We rehearse on Wednesday evenings at Fort Garry United Church, from 7:15 to 8:15. We play a mix of repertoire, from classical pieces and pop charts to Dixieland and ragtime. Our ensemble currently is composed of a soprano sax, a number of altos, a couple of tenors and a bari sax. If you’re interested in joining, please contact us! This is a great way to spend a Wednesday evening!

Sax ensemble jan 2023_edited_edited.jpg
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